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until then, i'll wait...

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Couple Shirts doodle ()
Couple Shirts doodle ()


  • Alba, Éire & Cymru


Norn have their little morning habbit too, and coming over Ireland to mess with him is on the list


And Ireland died that day.

(( askireland sorry babuu I use your muse for this u///u♥♥))


おかえり兄さん... :(;´言ω言`;): by にのぬこ

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'course I like the guy we helped each other a LOT through times, like this one time England CAME TO MY PLACE AFTERWARDS ONLY TO KICK US, THAT ASSHOLE // Ireland

Oh you’re right, I’m sorry, I just thought I should do something because YOU WERE HELPING HIM, DUMBASSS // England

[[The Spanish Armada in Ireland : in 1588, Phillip II sent his armada to invade England. However, the spanish were defeated, and decided to head back home through the North Atlantic. Of course, they didn’t plan the violent storms that made them CRASH on the west coast of Ireland. Because of it, English government freaked out, thinking the irish who were being conquered at the time would join the spanish. Yet, when they realized the armada crashed, so Fitzwilliam just ordered that all spaniards be captured and hanged, while anyone helping them be tortured and charged as a traitor to the Crown. From England with love.]]